Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

Here are pictures with breathtaking Ferrari 612 GTO Design Concept. The creator of this design concept is Sasha Selipanov of Berlin, Germany but you may know him better as the Angry Car Designer. His new idea for a Ferrari is surprising in more than one way.

The creation is self is a Ferrari that seems to mix some of the classic Ferrari 250 GTO with some of the modern 458 Italia while getting some styling solutions from the Aston Martin One-77. Of course, the designer’s own ideas are added to the mix. And perhaps a few lines from the Alfa Romeo 8C.


Top 10 Female Celebrities

Maybe you are expecting to see here 10 hottest celebrities, huh? But not! Here’s a list with top 10 most famous female celebrities that you’ve seen at TV, magazines, etc. Of course the list will start with incredible, gorgeous, amazing, hottest, the women that every men is in love with… The borring Angelina Jolie! Continue reading →


The GMT-MASTER II with Diamonds and white gold is one of a kind. This unique masterpiece is one of the latest watches from Rolex packed with elegance and sophistication. A watch such as this is much more than a watch, the creative work that has gone into this Rolex is comparable to a work of […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Biggest Jumps Ever!

Here is a nice video with a collection of Top 10 most incredible and biggest jump ever made by man. The collection includes jumpers from buildings, towers, mountains to caves, but the most incredible and the only ever jump made from outter space belongs to Joseph Kittinger. On August 16, 1960, he made the final […] Continue reading →

25 Creative Beer Advertising

Beeing the third most popular drink overall after water and tea, beer need some weird and very creative advertisings. There is no doubt beer is sold in very big amounts, so that’s why beer producers have alot of money and now it’s a high competition between who’s making the coolest advertising. Here are 25 pictures […] Continue reading →

HTC 1 will Knockdown IPhone 4

HTC has been known for releasing beautifully designed phones. With this, another fabulous designed mobile phone is set to fascinate us in the future. It is HTC 1 as designed by the great designer who conceptualized the said design especially for HTC named Andrew Kim. The HTC 1 looks so simple but stylish. You will […] Continue reading →