Summer Colognes For Men 2010

If you think you can wear the same heavy cologne this summer that you bought for a date in January, think again. Summer weather dictates a lighter approach to your signature scent. The same rules of how much to apply, when and where, as well as watching what you eat are still in force.

However, for the summer months you need to invest in scents with citrus and floral top notes that ride lightly over musk and spice bottom notes. These summer colognes for men work best in the heat and humidity, and are the inverse of what you would look for in a cold-weather version.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

A uniquely coastal Italian blend of Sicilian mandarin, frozen grapefruit peel, bergamot, juniper, and rosemary over Szechuan pepper, rosewood, musk wood incense, and oak moss. The spicy and earthy base notes are not overpowering and work well with your skin during long periods in the sun and water, while the citrus and floral top notes provide a modern freshness.

Price: $42

Bulgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine

Designed specifically to recall days on the water, Aqua Pour Homme Marine from Bulgari is dominated by the citrus and floral top notes of Neroli Beigarde grapefruit, rosemary and Posidonia riding over the single bottom aroma of white cedar wood.

Price: $42

Givenchy Play

Mandarin and bitter orange over coffee flower and vetyver are the most notable ingredients for this summer cologne for men. A hint of patchouli arrives as a late aroma as you continue to perspire, which seems a fitting end to send you off to the showers.

Price: $53

Burberry Sport

Ginger, grapefruit, and gin and tonic with wheatgrass glide over the heavy but subtly used musk and cedar wood bottom notes in the all too obvious nod to British sportsmanship. Where else will you find gin and tonic being used as a top note in a men’s fragrance but from Burberry? As unusual as this might seem for a summer cologne it works remarkably well. In fact, this may become your preferred scent every summer.

Price: $57

Ermenegildo Zegna Colonia

Romantic summer evenings dictate that you choose a cologne with subtle musk undertones, and the newest offering from Ermenegildo Zegna has just the right mixture of cardamom, bergamot and neroli over musk. Sophistication has never been more subtle or refreshingly mature in a summer cologne for men.

Price: $55

Kenzo L’eauParKenzo Pour Homme

Kenzo is synonymous with seamless integration of modern living within nature. The new L’eauParKenzo Pour Homme continues this tradition and sets a new benchmark for what a date night cologne can achieve. A pure Japanese mix of yuzu, ho and mint leaves on top of floral musk produce an exotic and masculine aroma on your skin that she won’t get enough of.

Price: $54

Thierry Mugler Cologne To Go

Light and fresh with top notes of orange blossom over white musk is the perfect all-around summer cologne for men for days at the office. Mugler’s Cologne To Go has just enough green sap and white musk aroma to hold down the citrus top notes that provide a clean and pleasant experience. The small packaging and price make it the perfect travel accessory as well.

Price: $28

Platinum Label By Perry Ellis

The ultimate in refined and mature boardroom scents is found in the new Perry Ellis Platinum Label. Yes, it is expensive but this is what you wear when a big deal or project is on the line and you need to convey steady confidence. The ingenious use of bamboo and Mandarin ice on top with sea moss, musk and Cedar wood as a bottom note bring a quiet calm to your personal style.

Price: $60


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