20 Outstanding Career Management Tips

Since many ages people have been struggling with their careers and have been trying hard to manage there on the run careers. Being a part time career consultant has given me an opportunity to meet many different professionals, who made me acquire quite a good expertise in corporate politics and has also taught me quite a few things about career management. So here I am spreading the precious knowledge about your career and few tips on how to manage it:

  1. Be a good listener - Try keep your cool all the time while you are in office speak less and listen more should be your mantra to acquire that special safe position in your office.
  2. Keep a record book - Try and maintain a record journal since day one of your office. Write down your daily work and all the possible noticeable details that you think will be needed in future. This habit will surely help you maintain some strong records for your future reference.
  3. Assess yourself – If you want to succeed in your career then you have to know what your positives and negatives are so analyze yourself first and then go ahead to improve your performance.
  4. Avoid becoming a workaholic – Though it sounds opposite to what the current trends are but in the long run workaholics are the people who maintain the lowest rate of job commitments as no one can be a workaholic for life the faster you’ll run the shorter will be your distance.
  5. Always know what you are doing – Think before you take any project or new assignments.
  6. Stay focused – Keep your focus on few things than distraction on many things.
  7. Never sit idle- don’t sit idle at home or unemployed it rots the iron. If you have to switch your job just be sure that you have the new one in your hand and that new one is worth the try.
  8. Be a team leader – Team work always bear more fruits, so always be friendly with people around you and specially your team, as you never know when you’ll need them. So maintain your career relationships
  9. Maintain your personality- Avoid any double faced personality as when you are out you are being noticed by many spy eyes so always have a generous attitude towards all people around you as you never know your which generous action can win you a big job ticket.
  10. Maintain Your Public Relations – Become your own PRO and try and maintain the best public relations with people around you. Make your career as your PR campaign and try promoting yourself with your work and its results.
  11. Your Boss is always right – Get this straight in your mind and follow this rule blindly. Never spoil your relationship with your boss no matter whatsoever the reason may be.
  12. Be patient – Career oriented people are often impatient which sometimes cause harm to there budding career so have patience and maintain calm.
  13. Be a bit pushy – Always put extra yet smart efforts in your work as it will help you yield better results.
  14. Don’t Compromise on your self esteem – Don’t take any kind of shit from anyone at your workplace.
  15. Have controls over your speaking and writing skills – You can have an extra edge over others by having a good command over your speaking and writing skills. This can add few extra thousand dollars in your salary for sure.
  16. Enjoy your career - Take a career which gives you pleasure. Never take up any career just for the sake of earning money or fame or just because you have a family history of doctors or lawyers. Take a career which pays you for what you love doing.
  17. Plan your career – Always plan your future, assess your 5 years down the line career plans and start working towards them from the beginning.
  18. Be kind yet strong – You don’t have to show off your power to others instead show your silence in a powerful manner, in other words avoid aggressive behavior.
  19. Be punctual – Punctuality counts a lot in business or career. This trait shows off your capabilities naturally. So be punctual in all dimensions whether its reaching office on time or completing the assigned projects on deadlines everything is accountable.
  20. Have positive outlook in life – There are times when you have to face the failure in life but that doesn’t mean, it’s the end of life. You have to take decisions based on the resources you have and situation you are in. You cannot control the outcome of anything but surely you can do hard work to get the best results. Be positive and expect things to come your way but always be prepared for the unexpected.

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