Helicopter that changes into a 4×4

This helicopter that changes Transformers-like into a rugged 4×4 may one day be ferrying troops around Iraq and Afghanistan, helping them avoid the constant threat of roadside bombs.

The futuristic design is the latest brainchild of the Texas-based AVX Aircraft Company.

It can carry four fully-equipped soldiers and travel 250 miles by land and air on a single tank of fuel.

The company says that almost any soldier could drive and fly it, and that they would not need a pilot’s licence.

Unfolding the rotor blades for flight should convert the vehicle from 4×4 to aircraft in just one minute.

The company says the vehicle would be especially suitable for use in Iraq and Afghanistan where troops face constant danger from roadside bombs, or IED – improvised explosive devices.

The Pentagon is now considering the design.

It is keen to find ways of finding greater protection for troops in hostile areas who have to travel between bases.

The AVX vehicle could travel at 140mph in the air, 86mph on the road and 30mph off road.

It would also carry about 520kg of fuel.

However, it could be several years before the company has a working prototype

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

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