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5 Good Things About Lindsay Lohan Going To Jail

With former child star Lindsay Lohan (The Parent Trap, Mean Girls) finally unable to run from the law (and fresh out of excuses), the ginger ninja can no longer pull any disappearing acts and is headed for a 90-day (or whatever it ends up being) stint in jail, starting July 20th. In her honor, here are five quick silver linings about LiLo going to jail:

#5. We won’t have to watch a Lindsay Lohan movie for AT LEAST 90 days.

#4. She should have been arrested for Herbie: Fully Loaded anyways.

#3. She’s a bulimic, drugged-out, alcoholic lesbian. She could, like, TOTALLY be queen bee…in jail.

#2. She and Lil Wayne can do a duet album together.

#1. In jail, EVERY Friday is Freaky Friday… Followed by Freaky Saturday, Freaky Sunday, Freaky Monday…